We provide a range of different Wellness Workshops, all individually tailored to suit your organisation. We pride ourselves on designing practical workshops which will provide real value for your employees. We keep things simple by choosing to work with what we know delivers the greatest results.

Whether you would like to show your staff how to make the perfect green smoothie, provide them with useful tools for stress management, or look at simple ways for boosting wellness at work, we've got you covered. Some of our workshops are listed below, if you would like to discuss your own individual needs please get in touch.


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Mindfulness and Meditation Seminars

An introduction to Meditation and to Mindfulness. What are they all about? Why do they work? How can you incorporate them into your life so that you may experience the benefits for yourself?

Lifestyle Analysis

These popular one-on-one consultations allow us to get an overview of daily patterns, habits and choices and then identify what small changes we can integrate which will have a maximum impact on our overall wellbeing. We will look at areas like sleep, nutrition, movement and mindfulness

Boost Your Mood with Food 

A hands on workshop focusing on how to maintain energy levels throughout the day by snacking wisely. We will show your staff how to make the perfect green smoothie, energy balls and a range of other healthy snacks.

Performance Based Ergonomics 

This simple workshop shows staff how best to set up their postures and workspaces in order to maximise energy and avoid unnecessary strains and poor movement patterns. We will also integrate yoga based stretches in order to address common complaints which arise from the 9-5 lifestyle.