Our Yoga Classes are designed to have stretch and strengthen the body. You will build flexibility as well as strength resulting in a mobile body, ready for anything! We will incorporate working with your breath, relaxation and challenging work to ensure a well rounded class. Expect to leave class with a smile!


Our Pilates Classes will develop core strength, working on the deep muscles of the abdomen and back. As well as building a strong core, we will work on full body strength and mobility. Pilates is excellent for anyone overcoming an injury or for anyone looking to add cross training to their chosen sport.


Yoga takes the best of Yoga and the best of Pilates and blends them together. The class is a balance of the strength and core focus from Pilates with the flexibility and flow of a Yoga classes. It is designed to suit all levels of fitness and provide a fun but challenging experience!


All of our classes can be organised to take place at a time that suits you. Classes can be 45 minutes to 60 minutes long depending on your requirements.


There is no maximum number - we just need space to roll out mats.


Get in touch to find out prices per term.